International Students

Ida Svenonius:
Ida Svenonius

Ida is a first year HSPS student from Sweden. She has a background in filmmaking and communication, and particularly enjoys the challenge of communicating complex ideas in simple terms. In her spare time she enjoys singing in her band, exploring personal development, riding roller coasters and playing board games. She also loves travelling and is particularly intrigued by the range of stories she encounters in different people and cultures.

As International Students officer, Ida will work to highlight and celebrate the diversity of the College. She caters to the needs of anyone who self-identifies as an international student, and welcomes any ideas on how their college experience could be enhanced. Throughout the year, she will plan events and act as contact person for international concerns (including homesickness, culture shock, academic confusion and all the rest). Do get in touch, if only for a cup of green tea!