IT & Web

Iulia Comsa:

Iulia is studying towards a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences. Her work focuses on the dynamics of brain states at the boundaries of consciousness, such as coma, sleep and sedation. She has a BSc in Computer Science. Iulia has founded the LCCSU website and is also part of the June Ball committee. In addition to consciousness and its brain correlates, she is also passionate about artificial intelligence, playing the piano, tennis, and video games.

IT and internet facilities available to students are described on the College website. There are 11 computers available in the College library for Lucy students, as well as printers, and two computers at Histon Road, including a printer. Eduroam is available across all sites and unlimited wired internet is available in all rooms. Information about Cambridge email is available from the UIS. Iulia is happy to assist with any IT and Web issues.

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