Chloe Gamlin:
Chloe Gamlin

Chloe is a second year medic, particularly interested in psychiatry, social medicine and working with young people. She has a bizarre mix of interests from vegan cooking to classical music, and is also a big fan of sports – especially rowing and running. She set up the online Lucy Cavendish sportswear store. In her spare time, Chloe sits on the Youth Advisory Board for Rockflower, a US-based philanthropic organisation which invests in women and girls in the developing world.

The role of Treasurer sees Chloe draw on her love of spreadsheets, developed during her past life as an accountant. As Treasurer of the SU, her role primarily involves keeping the accounts, advising on expenditure, and both utilising and guarding the SU cheque book. She is excited to support societies and initiatives in College through the SU, and is always happy to be approached with ideas.

The Treasurer is part of the executive committee of the SU, a set of positions that must be filled for the SU to run effectively.