Michaelmas 2016 open meetings: 31th Oct at 19:30, 15th Nov at 20:00
Michaelmas 2016 closed meetings: 19th Oct at 20:00, 28th Nov at 19:30

All meetings are held in the Paul Paget Room (the Oldham building common room).


The SU holds two open meetings each term, which all Lucy Cavendish students are encouraged to attend. Anyone is welcome to put forward and vote on proposals for SU initiatives and events. The meetings are held in the Oldham building common room. The SU committee also holds two internal meetings each term.

Open meetings are your platform for expressing your views and opinions regarding the SU and its activities. If you want your voice heard – come along! There is also always a free pizza intermission!


Open meeting minutes
Available to all Lucy students.


Closed meeting minutes
Available to the Lucy SU committee.


Forms (to be sent to the Secretary)
Available to all Lucy students.