This is a list of pieces of information and advice which we think will be helpful to any prospective and current Lucy student. Is there anything you think should be added here? We would be glad to hear from you!


Where is Lucy Cavendish College? Where are its buildings?

You will find this map very useful.

How to get from College to the city centre?

Lucy Cavendish is a 20 minute walk away from the Grand Arcade. You can take the UNI4 bus from Madingley Road towards the city centre and Addenbrooke’s, or buses 5, 6 and B to the city centre.

Can I borrow beds for guests staying overnight in my room?

Yes! The SU has five portable beds which you can borrow for a maximum of three nights for £3 per night, or £10 for three nights. Ask at the Porters’ Lodge – they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I buy Lucy Cavendish branded items and souvenirs?

Yes! Various items, from t-shits and hoodies to sweets and pens, are available at the Porters’ Lodge. We also have a Lucy Cavendish branded sportswear online store.

How do mailing lists work for Lucy Cavendish? 

All students are subscribed to one of the College mailing lists: lcc-ugs and lcc-pgs. Most students are also part of the SU mailing list: lcc-su. If you would like to email all Lucy students – for example, if you have any spare Formal Hall tickets – you may use the SU mailing list (append to obtain the email address). All emails are subject to moderation.

How to sort the large number of emails you get in your Cambridge inbox?

If you would like to separate your Lucy Cavendish emails from your other emails, you can set filters for incoming mails. Log in to Hermes Webmail, go to Settings -> Folders and make a new folder called, for example, “LucyCav”. Then go to Mail Processing -> Filters and enter Filter on Sender: (or lcc*@* for all Lucy Cavendish mailing lists), Target Mailbox “LucyCav” and click “Add filter”. All emails from the selected addresses will from now on bypass your inbox and go directly into the LucyCav folder.

Is Lucy Cavendish friends with any of the other Colleges?

Yes! We have a joint boat club with Hughes Hall (also a mature students College) and we also organise a joint June Ball at the end of the year. Formal Hall swaps also also regularly held, often with other mature Colleges. You may also like to join the Cambridge Formal Marketplace Facebook group.

What are May Balls and June Events? 

The go-to website is here! Colleges and Societies often organise a ball or a party at the end of the academic year, usually in June. May Balls are the most exquisite type of events, usually with black tie dress code. They provide live music and other sorts of entertainment and usually last until early hours of morning. June Events and Garden Parties are a smaller-scale and more affordable version of May Balls, but they are still lovely to attend! Not all Colleges host such an event every year.

Does Lucy Cavendish have a May Ball?

Yes! In 2016, Lucy Cavendish and Hughes Hall are starting a new tradition of organising a joint event: Come What May. It is neither a May Ball, nor a June Event, but the best of both worlds: a June Ball. This kind of College partnership is unique in Cambridge. Make sure to get your ticket in time! We are looking forward to seeing all of you there and celebrating the end of the academic year together!