Formal Hall swaps

What is a formal hall swap?

A Formal Hall swap is when one College hosts another for formal College dinner. For example: Lucy Cavendish visiting a College is a swap-out, Lucy Cavendish hosting a College is a swap-in.

Who do we swap with?

Generally, Lucy Cavendish, being a mature college, swaps with other College MCR/Graduates members.

What is the schedule for a swap-out?

Pre-drinks, 3 (or more) food courses, post-Formal drinks and socialising at the host College bar. Every College is unique in the way they do Formal Hall. There is always an element of surprise!

What is the dress code for a swap-out?

Unless specified, please assume the dress code is Cocktail/Lounge. It is important to respect ALL College dress codes. Casual wear is unacceptable. Gowns are essential unless you are told otherwise.

How do I sign up for a swap-out?

Wait for the SU email and then sign up via the doodle link/Google doc form with name and email/cam I.D.

Email reservations/responses will not be accepted. Signups are first come first served. A waiting list will be opened should the swap be oversubscribed. Once the doodle link/Google form has been deleted it means the dining list and waiting list are full.

Can I reserve places for friends, family and/or non-Lucy Cavendish students?

No! Lucy Cavendish swap-outs are only for Lucy Cavendish students. Places are reserved by who signs up first. In the interest of fairness please do not sign up friends and family members whether they are Lucy Cavendish students or not.

How do I pay for my place?

Payment is the only way to secure your place on the swap-out. Payment should be made within 7 days of your sign up. The method of payment will be sent to you in the email.

Should the Ents officer need to “chase” for payment then your place will be allocated to someone else.

When do you need my full name and dietary options by?

Doodle link: As soon as you pay for your place you will receive an email. Please respond to the email by deadline so that your full name and dietary options can be sent to the hosts.

Google Docs form: As soon you sign up. Dietary options cannot be changed once submitted/emailed.

I signed up and paid for my ticket but need to cancel. What should I do?

Your place is paid for and the name card has been created so there are no refunds from Ents. You’re free to sell your place via the Lucy Cavendish College SU mailing list. If you find no Lucy Cavendish member is interested in the ticket, try to sell to a member of the University.

If I participate in a swap-out do I have to attend a Lucy Cavendish swap-in?

This is entirely up to you. Your swap-in attendance is encouraged, as a will of good gesture to the College that hosted us.

How do I host my own swap-in?

Please contact about hosting a group of more than three people at Lucy Cavendish College.

How do I host my own swap-out?

You are welcome to contact the social officer and/or dining officer at the College you wish to visit. The way to get their email is to visit their college MCR/JCR website.